Saturday, 23 August 2014

Jungle Heat Hack tool direct download


I think you already know what Jungle Heat is, else you would not came up with our site. But if there’s someone out there, who has never heard of this awesome game yet, here we go: Jungle Heat is a free-to-play military based game. Your mission is to fight yourself to the top of the players. To do so you have to build up your own jungle fortress by upgrading your command center, defenses, mines and the most important your army. By attacking other players you can even speed up earning gold and oil. Jungle Heat is listed on the Android Play Store, Apple App Store and soon also on Facebook!


Jungle heat is Android Game about battles, military bases and jungles. Your mission is to take natural riches from bloody marauders for you. Treasures of jungle will be safe in your storage facility. So build your walls, train your army and battle. In this game you can fight other players and develop your military base into fortress.


You are probably looking for Jungle Heat Hack and I know why. I know that get diamonds are difficult to obtain. Well who want pay for them? Of course me not so I decided to make this small but very usefull tool for you and me. Most of Jungle Heat hacks I found were not working properly. Hope you will appreciate my work.

Why should I need a Hack?

No one said, that you need to cheat diamonds, gold or oil. The game is fun to play without manipulating anything. But if you come to the point where you have to play all night long or where you need to buy diamonds to complete an upgrade, is pain in the… No it’s actually not! Because you could try out our tool. ;)

Jungle Heat Hack, how should this work?

We don’t want to go to deep in this to keep the Hack undetected and not to lose our backdoor connection. But what we can say, is that one of our guys managed to exploit a loophole in the system. Using this loophole we were able to set up the connection to the database containing all of the secret data. SQL (Structured Query Language) databases are sorted in columns and rows. In this case the Jungle Heat IDs are in one column, the amount of diamonds in one, and so on. So the job of the Jungle Heat Hack is to watch out for your entered ID and to modify the value for example of the amount of gold to your desired number.

Virus and Scam Free

Our Jungle Heat hack was created from the ground up to ensure that it is efficient and free from viruses. You can check for yourself, but you don’t even have to. We never ask you to install anything. Instead, we only ask for your username so that we can apply the hack for you.
We won’t even ask for your password or any other identifying information. The only thing we do is setup the hack on our end and run it through a server that is no way tied to you. This means you will never have to install a thing.

Ban Protection

Have you heard of others being banned for using a hack? Thankfully, our hack is impossible to track and it runs off of a third-party server. This means that you can never have your account banned because of our hack tool.
If you don’t believe us, just look around at the thousands of other players that have used our hack with great success. There is a reason that our Jungle Heat hack is the best on the market. We have helped thousands of others this week alone start Jungle Heat with an advantage against other players trying to invade their base.
We are so passionate about your gaming success that we are offering this hack to you for free. There are no complicated downloads, frustrating scams or viruses. Click our link below and you will be playing with unlimited gold and oil in less than 2 minutes. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Let us apply your hack today.


VERSION: 1.0.5
FILE SIZE: 105.88 KB


Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited oil
No Personal details


1)Open The Hack.
2) Select Device & Connection.
3) Detect your Device.
4) Select items.
5) Add items amount to be added
6)Press “Start Hack”.
7) Enjoy Hack/

How Jungle Heat Hack Works

How To use Jungle Heat Hack